Cellular Automata

I wrote the Life program in 2009 to experiment with cellular automata.  It has 5 different modes and a host of different cellular automata patterns. You can download the windows executable and source code on the downloads page.

Life is a simple Windows Forms App written in C#. It uses GDI+ to display the results on the screen.

As well as the Windows Executable version of Life, I have created a new HTML5 version which you can run in your web browser!

Although there are several other great cellular automata programs available, writing Life allowed me to incorporate some features that I believe are unique. Using these features, it’s able to carry out some simulations that may never have been seen before. Check out the things to try page for some interesting patterns.

You can learn about the different modes the Life program has on the modes page.

You can also see some pictures produced using Life on the pictures page.


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