The final version of the Life cellular automata program.

Life was written in C#. You’ll need Visual Studio installed to view the source code properly.

Download Windows Executable
Download Source Code
Run HTML5 version in browser


The Cube

My co-authored entry in the Casual Gameplay Design Competition #7.

The Cube was written in Inform 7. You’ll need the Inform 7 IDE installed in order to view the source code properly.

You can play the game online immediately by clicking the link below, but if you want to play the game from the .z8 file, you’ll need an Inform interpreter program. I recommend Frotz.

Play The Cube online
Download game file (.z8)
Download source code

Markov Chains example

The example code for my article: Markov chains in ASP.NET

You will need Visual Studio to work with this source code.

Download source code

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